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1998 Porsche 911 Cabriolet- 22K Miles
With only 22K miles driven, there has been little time for maintenance to be needed.  The last service on record at Newport Auto Center is at just under 15K miles.  On 06/22/06 a 15K service was performed which included all items as specified by the Porsche maintenance program.  Both oil filters were replaced and Mobil 1 oil was used to refill the system.  The engine air filter and both cabin air filters were replaced.  Brake fluid was flushed.  This was a $446 service.  An inspection revealed that there is minor seepage showing on the right timing chain cover.  This is relatively common and given the year and miles on the car, it was estimated that the car has 30K more miles to go before something would need to be done.   The maintenance book has been stamped with service dates and miles.  
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