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1998 Porsche 911 Cabriolet- 22K Miles
Here are a couple of photos of the underside of the Porsche.  They didn't come out all that well, but one can hopefully tell from them that the car is very clean on the underside as well.  Unfortunately, the design of the lift blocks much of the car.  The plastic shielding (with the exception of the one under the engine which was removed) is all in excellent condition, free from damage.  Suspension is all damage free.  Cabin floorpans are damage free.  The only items that show contact are the exhaust tips which have been scratched on the bottoms (but are not bent) and there is a small scuff on the very front edge of the trunk floorpan where it meets the bottom of the bumper, which, as mentioned earlier, has been repainted. 
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